Hoop Pine (TS338HP)
  • Hoop Pine (TS338HP)
  • Hoop Pine (TS338HP)

Hoop Pine (TS338HP)

Hoop Pine - Surface: Minor Imperfections
Width wide end: 1000
Width narrow end: 820
Narrowest width: 820
Thickness: 55
Length: 3835
Date cut: 01/07/2018

Slab measurments are approximate.
Fill in any features with a clear Resin Filling:

Keep the Natural Edges or Cut along edge for a straight finish:

Level the timber for a flat surface. Ideal for creating beautiful tabletops and other unique pieces:

Make the timber surfaces smooth by Sanding. (Sanding is critical to obtain a smooth finish):

Protect the timber whilst in transit with Bubble and Black wrapping (to protect timber if freighting):